Custom Reports

We provide the option to generate high-quality individualized Custom Reports for your students or clients.
The Custom Report includes the following sections:
  • General, personal and educational information
  • Summary of current functioning
  • Progress report (if more than one Matrix has been completed)
  • Educational Recommendations (selected by the user)
  • Progress Monitoring guidelines

Reports are completely individualized. The user simply checks the elements s/he wants to appear on the report and provides any specific information required.
Cost: Custom Reports cost $6.00 each (with discounts of 10% for 10 or more and 20% for 50 or more). All funds collected for use of the Reports function goes to a non-profit created to support maintenance of the web site (Friends of the Communication Matrix Foundation). By using the Group Management feature, a school district or clinic may purchase multiple reports for members of their own group.

Access the Custom Report feature on your "My Home" page after you log in by clicking on “Create Report.”

Creating a Custom Report Guide (PDF)

Sample Report (PDF)

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