Using the Communication Matrix

Profile: Mastery View

This Mastery View shows you the degree to which the individual has mastered each of the seven Levels of communication. To access this view, click on the name of the Level that you want to view (to the left of the Standard Profile).

Here’s the Mastery View for Level III of a sample Profile:

Each bar represents a message at the chosen level, represented by one of the 80 cells on the profile. The height of each bar reveals the degree of mastery of all possible behaviors that might be used to express each message at that level. This score is calculated by allowing 2 points for each mastered behavior and 1 point for each emerging behavior. The total score for each cell is divided by the maximum possible score for that cell to obtain a percent. In the example above, the first bar on the left shows mastery of C1 (“Refuses or Rejects Something”) at Level III (Unconventional Communication). There are seven behavior options in this cell, so the maximum possible score is 2 X 7 = 14. For this individual, two behaviors are scored mastered and one is scored emerging, for a total score of five (5). 5 divided by14 is 36%, so the bar goes to that level. Use the Next and Previous arrows to step through the levels.

This icon shows you which of the seven levels you are currently viewing.

NOTE: Remember that an individual with severe physical limitations may not be able to use many behaviors and would not be expected to show a high degree of mastery using this view Note that the Progression features also work in the Mastery View. You may choose to print out the Mastery Views for each level of the Profile for a complete record of results.

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