Reviewing Your Results

Profile: Standard View

The Standard View of the Profile provides a 1-page printable overview of results. It shows a matrix with 80 cells, each representing a particular message at a particular level of communication. When you first complete a Matrix you are automatically guided to this view. You also may get to this view from your Home. When you “mouse over” the name of a level, you will see a description of the level.

Each cell is shown as mastered, emerging, not used, or surpassed. Here’s the key:

The designation is based on the HIGHEST score for any behavior in that cell: in other words, if ANY behavior is scored as mastered for a particular cell, then the entire cell will appear as mastered, even if you also checked other behaviors as emerging or not used for that cell. If you indicated that Section A or B has been surpassed, that section is grayed out. The Standard View provides a quick overview of the communicative messages that the individual uses. In this view, you may also click on each cell to see exactly how each behavior was scored for that message.

You will also see any notes that you made as you answered the questions.

Note that you may add and save NEW notes when you are in the Standard View.

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